Special Op X Nurse Captain Pearly


The Nurse

She a nurse, and she is on a mission! Captain Pearly has several degrees in Nursing. She knows medical and healthcare.


The Captain

She may be a nurse, but she is a highly trained Captain in the US Army Special Operations Command - Special Mission Division.

Elite Trained

Elite Trained

Captain Pearly has been through all the military training possible. She is the most skilled and qualified female warrior in the military.

Special Missions

Because of her medical education and background, combined her military training, Nurse Pearly reports directly to the top for the utmost important missions.

Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle .50 cal.

The tough nurse Pearly uses an equally awesome weapon. This beauty throws out a .50 calibre bullet that will take down any person and smash through anything!



Shoot down and grab this award to obtain a temporary shield!

Bullet Upgrade


Shoot down and grab this award to get triple shot pistols!



shoot down and grab this award to release an instant grenade!